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(updated Sept 2008) **

Quick download and go:

So you know all about Firefox extensions, how to install and use them - and you just want to grab TMS Menu and gallop out of here.
Install TMS Menu now.

How to install TMS Menu:

If you already use the original TMS Menu (version 1.0):

If you are currently using TMS Menu version 1.0 (the original from Ciberblade) - then this one time only, you have to UN-INSTALL your old TMS Menu, then use the install link below to install the new TMS Menu.

Don't know how to uninstall an old extension? Here is help on uninstalling. And why...

New to TMS Menu - start here:

Click this Install TMS Menu 1.1 link now.

Firefox will make sure (in a new line near the top of its screen) that you want to install the extension.
Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer [Edit/Allow]

This looks a bit different in various releases of Firefox. There will be a button on the right end of the new line,
[Edit Options] in FF2, [Allow] in FF3.

  • Firefox 2
    • Click the [ Edit Options ] button, the Allowed Sites window will open
    • Click [ Allow ], then [ Close ]
    • Click the Install link (above, on this page) again, a Software Installation window will open.
    • Click [ Install now ], the Extension will install.
    • Firefox will then say it needs to restart - click the [ Restart Firefox ] button!
  • Firefox 3
    • Click the [Allow] button, a Software Installation window will open.
    • Click [Install now], the Extension will install.
    • Firefox will then say it needs to restart - click the [ Restart Firefox ] button!


Screen Shots:

Screen Shot 1 Screen Shot 2
TMS Menu adds a "TMS" to the Firefox menu bar. Click the TMS and a menu pops up, listing quick access links to TMS forums and other features. Menu items that have a ">" on the right side have another menu level with the forums in that category.

What is TMS:

The Mane Street ("TMS") is a great equestrian oriented message board (using vBulletin) run by LauraM. You probably already know about it, since you're here - but if not, go to the TMS web site and have a look around.

What is TMS Menu:

The vBulletin software used by TMS's forums is nice, but can be slow for navigating thru the site and various forums. In 2006, 'Ciberblade' wrote a very handy Extension for the Firefox web browser, that makes navigating TMS easier. Since 2006, TMS's menu structure has changed a bit, and Firefox 3.0 has been released, so Mikeb took over TMS Menu and updated it for these changes.

Version/revision History:

Version Date Comment
1.0 10-2006 Original release by Ciberblade (see it here)
1.1 09-2008 * Mikeb took over maintenance
* updated for Firefox 3.0 (but valid for 2.0-3.0)
* updated to current TMS menu structure
* added more user tools items
* new extension ID number
* automatic update feature added

To be done, ideas, etc:

  • Include support for Mozilla SeaMonkey suite
  • What is your idea?

Extra techie details:


Last Modified 2008.09.24